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Our Mission

To provide support for the Clayton County Library System (CCLS) beyond the means of public funding and to enrich the lives of Clayton County citizens  through educational, cultural and literary programs, classes and services

Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela


Support us in securing funding for initiatives like the Learning Spaces, STEAM programs and Interplay Learning to enhance educational opportunities and empower the next generation. 




The Library is an educational resource that allows you to look into a world of exploration and adventure.

You never know what you may see or find hidden in the pages of a book or the keys on a keyboard, like discovering unfamiliar historical data. 

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How we help you!

Knowledge & Community Engagement

Explore a world of knowledge and community engagement as we champion programs like Learning Spaces, Summer Reading & Interplay Learning that enrich minds and inspire lifelong learning.

Join us in fostering a vibrant library experience for all through our support of early childhood literacy, financial literacy,  health literacy, entrepreneurship and many more community  centric programs, classes and events.

Let's build a stronger, smarter community attending events such as book signings, literacy luncheons, children's book festivals, teen shark tanks and reading challenges.

Knowledge Meets Opportunity

Our commitment lies in bolstering workforce development through assets such as Interplay Learning, the Career Resources Bus and our vast array of resources, programs and community initiatives.

Explore a world of learning possibilities as we strive to empower individuals, enrich communities and build a brighter future together through programs on Health Literacy for Men, Women and Children, Financial Literacy initiatives such as Healthy, Wealthy and Wise, Fiscal Fitness thru Film and a myriad of other enlightening programs.

Discover A World of Connectivity

We're committed to bridging the digital divide by providing access to cutting-edge technology. From hotspots and tablets to Chromebooks.

Launchpads and Entrepreneurs-in-a-Bag, we empower our communities with the tools they need to thrive in the digital age. Join us in fostering a more inclusive and tech-savvy tomorrow.

The Power of Partnerships & Community Enrichment

Join us in fostering strong connections and meaningful collaborations that enhance the fabric of our neighborhoods. We nurture a dynamic and inclusive literary community, fostering a love for reading, celebrating authors and actively advocating for the importance of libraries in our society.

Join us as a literary partner on this enriching journey of knowledge, connection and meaningful engagement.


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